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The Devil Wears Prada

October 7th 2013 | Norwich Waterfront | Gigs

Words: Jade Graveling | Photo: Kayleigh Francis

The band Napoleon were the first band on the stage for the evening, the set would have been good to open with if there wasn't so many technical difficulties. Most of the time you couldn't hear the vocalist due to the microphone making high pitched noises that some what resembled nails on a chalk board. Apart from the equipment being annoying the guys opened with an awesome set which had a Woe Is Me feel to the band. But they made very little effort to create an atmosphere or a stage presence.

Band number two was Dead Harts, they took to the stage bringing their awesome Northern attitudes with them. They definitely brought their A game to the stage, as they managed to get the crowd moving and got a decent sized mosh pit started. They lived up to the standard of all good things come out of the North, if I could relate them to a band they would be Asking Alexandria's heavier cousin.

Finally The Devil wears Prada took to the stage and really showed the crowd why they were the headliner for the evening. They brought a huge stage presence and energy that an athlete could be proud of. They sang such songs as 'Outnumbered' which really got the crowd moving with everyone jumping into the pit, males and females a like! They even threw in a few new songs for good measure. After 45 minutes of leaping across the stage and hardcore break downs that vibrated through your body, they finished their set, But that wasn't it! The crowd demanded more and they delivered singing two final songs 'Mammoth' and 'I know a ghost'!

All in all it was a brilliant night filled with testosterone and breakdowns and more energy than the Olympic games.

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