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November 21st 2013 | The Waterfront Studio | Gigs

Words: Jade Graveling | Photo: Kayleigh Francis

It was a night filled with sweat, hard-core dancing and a plethora of metal bands at the Waterfront Studio tonight. 

First to play were a local band called Azolas, a 5-piece metal band from Norwich. To be frank, their stage performance sucked, and their music wasn't much better. And it wasn't just me; the crowd pretty much ignored them too. Not a good start to the evening!

Things improved slightly with Eridium, a band also from the East of England. Although their music wasn't that great, they got a better crowd response than Azolas. If I'm being totally honest, I think they were 'hyped up' to be better than they actually were - but the audience enjoyed it, which is the main thing.

Next to take to the stage were Malevolence, a 5 piece metal band from Sheffield. Finally, the night had begun! Their performance was one fit for metal heads everywhere. They took to the stage and with them they brought the energy of an athlete and the noise of a jumbo jet. At last the crowd had got what they had come for, and the moshing begun. Malevolence have reputation for explosive performances; they did not let themselves down. As the set was in full swing and the pit was at its peak, it would be fair to say hell was being raised in the tiny studio in Norwich!

And then finally, Milton Keynes headliners Heart Of A Coward took to the stage. However, the crowd was considerably smaller for the main act than it had been for the evidently more popular Malevolence. This was a shame as they brought something truly different to the stage. Loyal fans who stayed behind to see them moshed until their hearts couldn't mosh anymore, as the band brought attitude and music filled with deep heavy riffs and drum beats that shook through your body. They presented a band truly worth of being called 'metal'. 


Photo of Malevolence

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