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January 22nd 2014 | Nick Ryans UEA LCR | Gigs

Words: Chloe Woolgrove | Photo: Jade Graveling

The opening band to play was Ziza a band from L.A their band were good ,the songs were good but the band their self didn't really connect with the crowd. It didn't help that they were the first band and people had just came in they didn't really react with the crowd, other then saying what song their going to perform next. There was nothing to get the crowd pumped up people were just standing there watching Ziza like they watching were a movie not to much movement going until their last song but as people started to get moving and as tiny mosh pit started going the song ended sadly.

The next band to come on sage and perform was Soil they got involved with the crowd ,really got the crowd going they also played some brilliant songs such as Breaking me down and Unreal ect. Just as you thought you couldn't get enough the lead singer comes down off of stage in to sweaty crowd with the microphone and sings with everyone, people chucking themselves to him people sticking and clinging to each other the bad smell of sweat builds up the smell was so bad but no body cared because they were living it up with the lead singer i can happily say everyone loved it!

Now for Skindred the band everyone had been getting pump for the band everyone was going to go mad for, the band everyone was going to go all the way for was coming on stage. The lights were going mad but looked so awesome everyone was so pumped. Benji Webb spoke to crowd got to know his crowd and was also very funny. Opened up with Rat race also play Stand for something, Nobody, pressure also mixed up their music with the likes of Jay-z ft Kenye west- Ni**as in Paris, Jason Derulo-Trumpets, House of pain - Jump around and also Jungle. There wasn't one person not moshing if you was in it you was in till the end because know body was leaving, everybody going all the way out no matter how much you may needed a drink or just some air you didn't want to leave you didn't want to miss a thing. The light was mad they didn't miss one beat Skindred truly gave out a Performance to remember and if you wasn't there then you wasn't in the right place.

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