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November 19th 2013 | Waterfront | Gigs

Words: Megan Roberts | Photo: Charlotte King

The name of The Blackout's current tour is "The Final Party Tour – Take 2". This is due to their tour being postponed mid-way when frontman Gavin Butler was taken ill with a neurological issue. Thankfully he made a full recovery and the band rescheduled the tour dates so they could settle their "unfinished business". 

However, the first act of the night were Rat Attack. And as they strutted their stuff on the Waterfront stage, the most noticable thing wasn't their energy and enthusiasm to party; it was the questionable sparkly shirt of lead singer, Mike Hodges. The band label themselves ‘Party Punk’ and Hodges (with his questionable attire) did his best to get the seemingly small crowd bouncing - although most efforts did fail. The band’s latest single "Saturday Night Feeling" went down best with the crowd, and their song became stuck in your head - whether you wanted it to or not! The short set went down well and the band managed to get the night off to a good start.

Next up were support act LostAlone. The crowd were clearly impressed by the intensity and musicianship on show. Impressively, singer and guitarist Steve Battelle decided to play in the middle of the crowd during their set to perform a complex guitar solo, asking a young girl to hold his guitar whilst he jumped the barrier. They have a new album entitled "The Bells!, The Bells!!" coming out soon, and they'll be back on the road for a headline tour to coincide with the release. It would be well worth getting along to see them at a gig near you.

Back on the road after Gavin's illness  and clearly loving every minute, The Blackout boys were on top form. Kicking off the set with "I’m A Riot? You’re a F**king Riot", the guys made the crowd explode into a mass of jumping bodies and fists in the air. The crowd just seemed to multiply out of nowhere and filled the room in seconds. The dual vocal of Gavin Butler and Sean Smith was as brilliant as ever, as was the banter from the pair and audience between songs.

Although the band have a few laughs, they take their music seriously. The set was chosen from the band’s four albums with "Higher and Higher" and "Children Of The Night" proving definitively to be crowd favourites. The guys latest album "Start The Party" wasn't left out, with "Radio" and "Running Scared" also hitting it off. They finished off with the catchy and favourite for a sing along "Start The Party" and "ShutTheF**kUppercut".

The Blackout proved to be an amazing live act and were obviously back firing on all cylinders. The fact that they were playing in a venue the size of Norwich's Waterfront is questionable as the guys deserve a much bigger audience. They may have made their fans wait an extra few months, but The Blackout most definitely did not let them down.

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