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November 20th 2013 | UEA | Gigs

Words: Liam Forkes | Photo: Charlotte King

On the evening of 20th November 2013, the UEA LCR was preparing itself for The Fratellis. Having returned from a three year hiatus in 2012, this is the first time the band had played Norwich since the release of their recent album “We Need Medicine”. Nobody was disappointed.

First of all, Welsh alternative band Cut Ribbons took the stage. Their sparkly microphones were initially unbalanced, however the levels were quickly resolved and the set began. Aled Rees, lead vocalist/guitarist, could be heard slightly better than lead vocalist Anna Griffiths, although this didn’t make a tremendous difference to the set. Good music and constant movement on-stage left a happy crowd, although a slightly unprovoked one as little interaction was seen - other than from naming songs and thanking people. However, overall it was a good set and a successful warm-up for the main act tonight.

Then it was time: The Fratellis entered the stage to "Jeannie Nitro", and continued to blast through strength after strength. Playing hits such as "Henrietta", "Dog In A Bag" and "Baby Fratelli" ignited the crowd, and it seemed every member was fully enjoying the set composed of both hits and tracks from their new piece. 

It seemed that not only the crowd were enjoying the set, but also the band. Unfortunately, though, the band didn’t seem to appreciate the audience, as lead vocalist Jon Fratelli introduced himself and the songs, but made little effort to do anything else. This could be construed as him focusing on the music; however there seemed to be a lack of effort, which was a shame.

However the entire atmosphere changed when the band played their smash hit "Chelsea Dagger". Suddenly everybody interrupted into a chant, as if the entire gig became a football match. Everyone in the room was singing along, and for a few minutes the entire venue was one. It was certainly a sight to behold.

As the show closed up, everyone in the venue seemed satisfied. Old memories had been rekindled, and new ones had been made. Overall, a good warm-up act led to a triumph of a show from a band who have spent far too long away.


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