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Bowling For Soup

February 8th 2016 | Norwich UEA LCR | Gigs

Words: Edward Gizzi

The night began with an energetic performance from MC Lars pouncing onto the stage. The rapper provided a fresh new take on the genre; he sounded great throughout, with his geeky and nerdy raps about 'Game of Thrones' and other pop culture, warming the venue up nicely.

Next up was a warming performance from Lacey, whose tone and sound were similar to that of Coldplay and You me at Six; followed by a rather adrenaline-fuelled performance from The Dollyrots, who threw themselves around the stage to their rockabilly sound, especially during "Brand New Key" (aka "Combine Harvester" by the Wurzels), which got the crowd extremely pumped with "Oh Ar's" coming left, right and centre.

Finally, Jaret, Chris, Erik and Gary - aka Bowling For Soup - took to the stage, to their adopted theme song “Here Comes Bowling for Soup”, before rolling back the years to belt out hits such as “The Bitch Song” and “Emily”.

Throughout the gig, the atmosphere was fantastic: not only were they the band the audience came to see, but they came across like old friends who only came over to have a good time. Between songs, the band all joined in with banter, and chatted amongst themselves and the crowd, to great effect.

To be expected at any modern day rock gig, throughout the show, the audience were treated to an avalanche of crude gags about a range of subjects - from certain parts of the anatomy, to Chris's toiletry habits. Needless to say, a Bowling for Soup show is not for the faint hearted, with leading front man Jaret apologising repeatedly for their ... interesting language.

After slowing things down with an emotional, stripped back performance of “Turbulence”, a more recently-released fan favourite, Jaret took to the stage with his acoustic guitar and a feel-good message. However, towards the end of his emotional moment, an earlier-inflated condom was repeatedly passed to him. He was trapped in awe of this condom, gracefully floating towards him, and repeatedly told himself - and us - that "we really must carry on, but it's so mesmerising..."

The guys then busted out a succession of massive hits, including one particular cult smash at High School Leavers Days and Proms: "High School Never Ends" which went down a treat with the crowd.

Eighteen songs later, the band exclaimed: "This is your last chance, thank you so much, until we see you again". The mosh pits formed almost instantly as "Girl All The Bad Guys Want" echoed out throughout the venue. With the crowd out of breath and the last chords ringing out, the hugely popular pop rockers left with their heads held high, knowing that they came and they conquered.

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