April 2nd 2016 | Norwich UEA LCR | Gigs

Words: Charlotte King | Photo: Charlotte King

An American rock band from Massachusetts, Pvris have climbed in success since the release of their debut album ‘White Noise’ in November 2014. Previously a support act for high profile bands, such as Mayday Parade, A Skylit Drive and Bring Me The Horizon, their increasing popularity has now led them to their own headline tour. 

With different bands for different dates, the Norwich UEA show featured support from Bones and K.flay.  Bones were the first to play: They showed a good stage energy and tried to really interact with the crowd and warm them up for the oncoming show. Although previously unknown by this reviewer, their half hour set was thoroughly enjoyable. The two frontwomen both had a great stage presence, supported by great sounding music. Next up were K.flay, who provided more energetic music, hyping up the crowd for Pvris.  Showcasing her very powerful and unique voice, lead singer Kristine sang great songs, while she interacted with the crowd.

Then is was time for Pvris. The crowd were clearly excited whilst the stage was being prepared: gothic windows with bright white lights to the sides of the stage, and a backdrop hanging high against the wall, with hidden lights behind it ready to light up with different images during the performance. All in all, a great look to the stage, creating a cool atmosphere.

The stage filled with smoke and out came the band, appropriately playing their song "Smoke". Straight after, they went onto "Mirrors", after which the lead singer Lyndsey finally greeted the crowd and made great interaction with everyone, before continuing with more hit songs.

Lyndsey built quite a connection with the crowd. At one point, Lyndsey exchanged a guitar pic with a fan after they shouted out for her to marry them; such friendly interaction between bands and their fans is always good to see. However, later on, "Ghosts" had to be cut short due to fighting in the front of the crowd. Lyndsey stopped the music straight away, shouting at the two people to "cut it out" and starting a chant for security to kick them out. She then checked to make sure everyone around was okay, apologised and carried on. It was great to see a band care so much about fans wellbeing.

Of course, Lyndsey's incredible performance wasn't just all audience interaction. She had an amazing stage presence, and never stayed still whilst performing. Her voice sounded perfect live, with all the instruments pairing perfectly with her. It sounded almost identical to the album recording, just with an extra added flair on some notes.

After finishing the set, they left the stage and got called back for an encore. Their final two songs were their latest track "You and I" (which had the whole crowd singing along); with the evening finishing with "My House", probably one of their most popular songs, with frequent plays on BBC Radio 1.

Altogether it was a great evening, really showcasing how great Pvris are and how they have such an amazing opportunity to grow and expand as a great upcoming band.

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