New Years Day

June 1st 2016 | Waterfront Studio, Norwich | Gigs

Words: Jade Gravelling | Photo: Jade Gravelling

The opening act for the evening were Young States, a Norwich-based female rock ‘n’ roll group: Georgia on vocals and bass, Libby - guitar and vocals, amy – guitar, and Molly - drums.  They looked all sweet, but trust me, their music packed a punch. Soft, light rock tones with super powerful vocals, the band got the crowd up and jumping with ease. Fans of Pvris and Mallory Knox should definitely keep an eye on Young States. A great way to open up a show.

Next up were the fabulous Eva Plays Dead, a hard-hitting rock band from Nottingham/Derby. This band blew me away with their music. The Boss Lady Tiggy Dockerty with her punk-like attitude, tinged vocals and infectious melodies, threw this band into action. I couldn’t resist having a little head-bang along to their songs; my favourite was “Live Again”. Fans of In This Moment, Halestorm and Lost Along will definitely want to listen out for Eva Plays Dead.

Finally, the headline act: the strange-but-yet-wonderful New Years Day. For those who don’t know, New Years Day are crazy, gothic rockers from California, USA. If Motionless In White and Rob Zombie had a musical love child, it would be New Years Day. Very much a band for lovers of the creepy, gothic and darn right weird.

So, after the excellent support acts, the crowd were now ready to release their energy. New Years Day did not disappoint: opening up their set with “I’m No Good”, the crowd erupted into a mass circle pit.

Once again, another strong female vocalist took the crowd into a whirlwind of hectic tunes and moshing.  The atmosphere for this show was so wild, you could all most smell it.  The band’s performance was nothing but pure rock ‘n’ roll… but with little a touch of crazy. Just the way I like it.

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