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November 18th 2016 | Norwich UEA | Gigs

Words: Karly Edge | Photo: Karly Edge

A hard rock band from Pennsylvania, Crobot describe their music as "dirty, groovy rock" - and they are not wrong! The band performed at Norwich UEA last Friday, supporting another hard rock band, Airbourne. From the moment the doors opened, the UEA filled up with passionate hard rock fans; it was clear to everyone this was going to be a gig to remember.

As Crobot donned the stage, their all-hair-swinging vocalist Brandon Yeagley made a great first impression, belting out their opening song "The Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer", the opening track from their 2014 debut album "Something Supernatural". The atmosphere was electric, with the crowd bouncing and singing along as the band played their second song of their set "Not For Sale" (a song which has recently become the first track from their new album, "Welcome To Fat City", to have an official music video!).

Brandon very much succeeded in getting the crowd well and truly into the music, by way of his unique on-stage persona, with his hair flipping and extremely eccentric dancing, as he burst into another song off their new album, the head-banging tune "Easy Money".

With the crowd singing along and the atmosphere buzzing, the band played "Skull Of Geronimo" and "Right Between The Eyes", and then they slowed down a tiny bit for "Hold On For Dear Life". The crowd enjoyed this change in pace, even if it was only for one song; the drums held heavy for following tracks "Plague Of The Mammoths" and "Play It Cool".

For the final two songs of their set, Crobot played the very catchy "Nowhere To Hide", the lead single from their debut album. The track got to number 16 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts, and it was not hard to work out why! With heavy riffs and catchy lyrics, "Nowhere To Hide" certainly got the crowd going!

For the final Crobot song of the evening, the band chose the title song off their current 2016 album "Welcome To Fat City". As soon as the crowd realised it the final song of their set, the atmosphere went wild. It's safe to say they were well and truly warmed up for Airbourne!

With a mix of songs from both their albums, the set made sure that if you weren't a fan of Crobot before this gig, you certainly would be afterwards! With amazing stage presence and an onstage persona to rival that of a much bigger band, Crobot are destinated to go far, no doubt about it! If you get a chance to see Crobot live do it... you will not regret it!

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