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Lower Than Atlantis

March 9th 2017 | Norwich UEA | Gigs

Words: Harley Tedds | Photo: Karly Edge

Lower Than Atlantis have come a long way in a short amount of time. Indeed, their following has grown immensely in the almost two years since they last visited Norwich. On this occasion, they were accompanied by three rather fantastic support bands, and it’s fair to say they certainly didn’t disappoint!

Roam were the first band to kick off the show, warming up the crowd. With their energetic moves and high jumps, they gave in to their pop-punk vibes. The connection the band had with the audience was just outstanding, with large numbers of people singing the lyrics back to front man Alex Costello, feeding off the energy of the show. What a way to get a crowd going!

Second on stage were Hands Like Houses, an experimental post-hardcore rock band all the way from Australia. A band unlike any other, they impressed the crowd with their unusual sound. The vocals from Trenton Woodley were fantastic - as were the rest of the band! Hands Like Houses are a band not easily forgotten!

Last on stage before the main act were Young Guns, a well-known and popular rock band from London. The amount of love given to the band from the crowd was simply beautiful. 

After a brief pause, the stage lights of the UEA LCR faded, leaving both the stage and crowd in darkness. Slight silhouettes appeared on stage, and the crowd began to scream and shout, chanting at the boys, ready and expecting nothing but amazingness from the London rock band. With obvious emotion on their faces, Lower Than Atlantis saw the room was packed with people who loved their music as they opened with “Had Enough”, the top hit from their most recent album.  Following with another new track, “Dumb”, they really got the crowd going, with fans jumping and singing as loudly as they possibly could!

Supported by amazing projections and camera work, the band went onto performed several classic tracks - from “Get Over It” to “Beech Like the Tree” - delighting fans with songs both old and new. The enthusiastic sold-out crowd supported them throughout the gig, singing back every line of every song.

Lower Than Atlantis closed the show with three top hits to challenge all the senses and emotions of the energized crowd. Starting the encore with “Another Sad Song”, the stage could have been lit just by the lights from the crowd. Mike Duce stood alone on stage, looking over the crowd as they sang back every single word, the sheer atmosphere pulling on the heartstrings of those that loved the band dearly. After this calming moment, the band soon got the crowd back jumping and screaming again, with “English Kids” and “Here We Go!”, putting a spectacular end to a spectacular night.

In the seven years that I’ve been a fan, this was by far the greatest gig I’ve seen them play. The stage production was just awesome, with some fantastic lighting and inspiring projections. So, to sum up the gig in a word: Amazing. Thank you boys!

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