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September 16th 2013 | The Nick Rayns LCR, UEA | Gigs

Words: Lucinda Waller | Photo: Lucinda Waller

As Pete Doherty stumbled, sleepy eyed, onto the stage, the lights dimmed; the whole atmosphere morphed into a crazy love for the infamous Babyshambles. Full of slightly forced energy – camouflage to the slurs and stumbles – “8 Dead Boys” kicked Pete into action and set everyone off into a dancing dazzle, blinded by total admiration of this fabulous band – although, the crazy state may have had something to do with the wish for Pete to throw out another free can of Guinness from the front of the stage!

However “Doctor No”’s sharp reggae jerks were impressively smooth, which came as a surprise as no one would have expected rebellious Doherty to master these strenuous notes; wearied state considered. Furthermore, guitarist Mik Whitnall and temporarily recruited Stereophonics drummer Jamie Morrison did their best to keep some solid conformity and swaying Pete upright whilst the shouts of requests for “Time For Heroes!” and “Can’t Stand Me Now” dispersed from the back of the crowd. Also “F*** Forever” had a well-deserved mosh that was easily enjoyed by the entire small venue. “Albion” too, saw a tsunami of girls pressed up to the front barriers while trilbys were tossed up into the space above.

The only disappointment was when glazed Pete ended up chucking his guitar at the stage hand, knocking over one of the bottles scattered around the stage, and finally, laying down on the drums platform trying to get in his 40 winks whilst putting on a show – classic man, attempting physically impossible multitasking.

Although, Pete’s dilapidated charm saw him through the rest of the night, and invited the audience to listen to his lucid, vibrant and mesmerising new songs, Doherty’s rugged romanticism seems hugely more appealing when held by less flimsy melodies. But all in all, the show was exciting, captivating and extremely enjoyable, and you can’t say fairer than that.

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