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Call It Reckless

September 14th 2013 | Open, Norwich | Gigs

Words: Liam Forkes | Photo: Liam Forkes

Boasting high energy levels and a powerful set list, Norwich-based pop-punk band Call It Reckless’s afternoon headline show at Norwich’s Open venue clearly demonstrated that they definitely going places.


First came support from local alt-rock band Freyr. The four-piece sported an impressive stage presence, and musically, the band were impressive - especially their powerful vocalist. However, unfortunately their interaction with the audience was practically non-existent, significantly affecting the overall atmosphere of their set. But that wasn’t the main problem. In short, they simply lacked spark. It’s not that their set was necessarily bland, it’s just that they lacked anything that made them stand out from any other alt-rock band; that special something that inspires a crowd. Although they were impressive musically, they left the audience bored and disappointed. But this feeling did not linger, once headliners Call It Reckless arrived.


Immediately, the energy radiated by the band hit the crowd, and by the first chorus the crowd’s support showed. The band wasted no time in commanding the crowd to move, but most importantly to enjoy themselves. The crowd responded immediately and effectively, and very soon the atmosphere skyrocketed to a positive and energetic one.

The band's stage presence, coupled with their energy, was stunning. Consistent marching across the stage, coupled with the clear enjoyment of playing, highly contrasted their predecessors, and this left the audience in awe. The band also enjoyed surprising the audience, with lead vocalist Rachel Holland introducing the band during a pause in the middle of a song, an unexpected yet amusing move.

Blasting through a set list composed of songs old, new and unreleased, the band were musically amazing. They did not falter for a second, and this impressive performance continuously left the audience both satisfied and hungry for more. The band couldn't have done much more to impress the audience had they tried.

My only criticism was the sound mix.  Holland's voice was often drowned out by the music behind it, which is a shame, considering how impressive her vocals are. For those at the front of the audience, it wasn't particularly difficult to hear her, but for those at the back, it was a different story. However, this was the only evident flaw throughout the set.

Overall, despite having a support band that ultimately left the crowd feeling bored and disappointed, Call It Reckless did an amazing job. High energy levels combined with outstanding musical abilities and consistent interaction with the crowd and the stage made for a fantastic performance by a fantastic band. No doubt, this band can only get bigger, and they deserve every success. 9/10

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