Local Info

Prmary Schools

Catfield C of E Primary School

School Lane, Catfield

Call 01692 580568

East Ruston Area Community Infant School

School Road, East Ruston

Call 01692 650225

Happisburgh C of E Primary School

The Street, Happisburgh

Call 01692 650335

Hickling C of E Infant School

The Street, Hickling

Call 01692 598355

Horning Community Primary School

Lower Street, Horning

Call 01692 630470

Ludham Primary School

School Road, Ludham

Call 01692 678293

Neatishead Primary School

School Road, Neatishead

Call 01692 630241

Stalham Community Infant School

Brumstead Road, Stalham

Call 01692 580557

Stalham Junior School

Old Yarmouth Road, Stalham

Call 01692 580053

Sutton C of E Infant School

Laxfield Road, Sutton

Call 01692 580608

Tunstead Primary School

Market Street, Tunstead

Call 01603 737395

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